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Tying/Binding Material- Overview

Binding Supplies is most essential part of a facade greening! Several cases each require a special binder: Very sensitive, young climbing plants need bonds other than thick stems in viticulture or also in the case of other espaliers. FassadenGrün offers appropriate artificial devices because no comparable products from renewable raw materials are available. Earlier in history there were other elaborate binding techniques: Special slip knot of halved, freshly cut or damp inlaid willow rods could yield, in terms of growth of the attached stem and prevent constrictions.>>> Price list

No iron cable on stainless steel wire ropes!

An important note in advance: Please do not use binding materials of paper, plastic, or the like, containing iron wire..! The hardly avoidable contact between iron and stainless steel cable or holders leads to discoloration and possibly even cause rust on the high grade stainless steel.

Elastic Cord / Elastic Binding Tube

These elastic hollow cords HS 04005 and HS 04100 are suitable in the thickness of universal 4 mm for tying greens,  or woody stems of wire rope, wire and wood. The very strong 8 mm tubing string HS 08005 in turn, is especially suitable for firm yet flexible bonds with thicker, woody shoots of Vine, climbing Roses, espaliers and Wisteria.

Rubber Binder

The binder material GC 00110 was developed for professional fruit production and meet the highest standards. It is characterized by low contact pressure at high pressure surface due to the wide, flat rubber profile. The soft but firm bond is also maintenance free for many years, thus reducing the maintenance work on trellis plants.

Bandage - Tree Binder

With these strong rubber profiles BD 20020 can serious climbers such as espalier trees on trellis slats, be tied and knotted. In the field, the bandage is used as a tree binder.

Velcro Strip

This high-strength, non-stretchable binder KB 25025 is used for extremely heavy bonds of branches and trunks of large climber plants on cable and trellis battens and can be adjusted anytime. It is a professional heavy duty product from the green nursery area, not comparable with frail hobby Velcro ties.

Rosarium Sangerhausen: Classic binding to climbing Roses in a pasture
Binding with willow
Such constrictions due incorrect binding material can lead to the death of whole trellis strains.
Strangling due to incorrect binding material
Soft rubber Binder GC 01010
Binding clematis with GC 01010
Bandage BD 20020 as tree binder
Rubber strip as binding material for young trees
Velcro tie KB 25025
Velcro tie for rose
Elastic tying and bindng cord 4 mm HS 04005
Elastic binding cord as tying material
Elastic binding tube 8 mm HS 08005
Strong binding tube