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Elastic Tying-Binding Cord HS 04005 (and others)

Elastic Tying and Binding Cord

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Highly flexible, elastic binding / tying cord made of soft, hollow plastic. Approx. 15-20% stretchability/elastic extension. These variations are available:

5 m coil of elastic cord in the following sizes / colours:

Coils in the following thicknesses / lengths / colours:

  • 4 mm, 100 m (black) - Price



The optimally sized 4 mm cord serves as a universal tie for climbing plants on trellises made of wood, wire rope, and wire. Applicable both with green and lignified (woody) stems. Compared to thinner cord (2 and 3 mm), the wide soft contact surface of this elastic tie (4 mm) is more respectful to sensitive or fragile shoots, while also making it possible to tie firm taut knots/bindings for more massive trunks. Very firm, taut bindings are also possible for strong shoots. The 8 mm binding cord is used to tie very strong, stiff shoots of climbing roses, vines, wisteria, etc..

Depending on the vigour, growth, and thickness of the respective shoots, these cord ties can be left in place (on the plant) for 1-3 years. Constriction of the shoots will be minimal or non-existant. For more information, you can refer to the general section on binding material.



Can be used in one or more layers. The binding should be rather loose so that the elastic cord can stretch sufficiently.


Special Features

We offer this product in synthetic material (plastic), as we have yet to find an equivalent in renewable raw or biodegradable material. For particularly gentle binding, e.g. with very thin clematis shoots, soft rubber ties are even more appropriate.



Made in Germany (Baden-Württemberg)

Growth loss resulting from constrictive binding to a climbing rose
Growth loss resulting from constrictive binding to a climbing rose
Coil with 100 m of Elasto Cord 4 mm
Coil with 100 m of Elasto Cord 4 mm
Multi-layer binding, vine
Multi-layer binding, vine