Velcro KB 25020

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Highly tear-resistant velcro band made of plastic, 25 mm wide and 2.0 metres long, black, single central support, coated on both sides with 'gripper' surface and 'velour' plastic. High-strength velcro fastener, un-stretchable. Can be used (that is, 'opened' and 're-closed') about 100 times. In European climates, it is weather resistant and UV-stable up to about 5 years, but experience has shown that it can be used even longer. This is a professional product for the tree nursery/orchard sector. >>> Price



For durable and extremely heavy binding of branches or trunks of larger climbing plants to wire ropes and trellis slats or bars. Due to its wide binding surface, the velcro does not cut into the wood. Especially for heavy trunk spindles of vines and other creepers, for attaching to concrete pillars (photo), balcony supports, etc.. Of course, also for tying fruit trees to wooden posts, etc.. Please refer as needed to our general information on binding material.



As shown in the photos. For a long life, the two ends should overlap at least 40 - 70 mm, so that even with a later readjustment, enough velcro length is available.


Special Features 

Depending on the respective thickness and growth of the trunks/stems, the velcro band should be checked 2 times per year and be loosened as/if needed. The wear occurs mainly on the surfaces of the velour not covered by an overlapping velcro layer, where it is then exposed, without protection, to UV-rays. Once the guaranteed UV-stability has expired, further use of the velcro should be checked according to the particular situation. Alternatively, rubber strip/bands could also be used. 



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