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Elastic Tying and Binding Cord HS 04005 and others

Hohlschnur als Bindeschnur

Product sheet

Description / Price

Highly flexible, elastic tie cord / binding tube of a soft, hollow plastic. Approximately 15-20% elongation. Deviating from the product photo available:


5 m cord in the following sizes / colors:

Coils in the following sizes / lengths / colors:

  • 4 mm, 100 m (black) - Price


The optimally sized 4 mm cord serving as a universal binder for climbing plants on trellises made of wood, rope, and wire. Applicable both in green and already woody stems. Compared to thinner cord (3 and 2 mm), a larger, soft pressure surface creates 4 mm hollow cord for sensitive plant growth drives and powerful drives in turn very tight bindings are possible. The 8 mm tie cord is used to link very strong, stiff shoots with climbing Roses, vines, Wisteria, etc..

Depending on the vigor and growth in thickness of each shoot, the hose clamp can remain for approx 1 - 3 years. During this time constrictions are minimized or prevented entirely. Please use, if necessary, the general information on the binding material.



Single or multiple layers also applicable. The binding rather loosely run, so that the Elasto-string can yield enough.



We offer this product in plastic, because no comparable products from renewable raw materials are available. For particularly gentle bonds, z. B. with very thin Clematis shoots soft rubber ties are still appropriate.



"Made in Germany" (Baden-Württemberg), also import goods

Hohlschnur - derzeit nur in Schwarz verfügbar
Wuchsschaden infolge Einschnürung
Growth loss resulting constrictive binding to a climbing Rose
Bindeschlauch auf Spule
Coil with 100 m Elasto Cord 4 mm
Hohlschnur für Rebe
Multi-layer bonding, Vine