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Our Vision

Have a look into the future with us..! At present, our company is an online business. As we still operate within a very limited space, we are not in a position to serve customers in person. As we would love to receive you-- not just representatives, suppliers and a few "collectors," and because our workforce needs office space and our warehouse more space... we are envisioning a way to meet these needs and our rapidly growing customer-base. Our vision includes a courtyard with green walls, a workshop with a sales room, a café, and two guest apartments... We have finally found a property-- see below what is in store.

Our future location: Leipzig Baalsdorf, Brandiser Str. 69
Our future location: Leipzig Baalsdorf, Brandiser Str. 69

Choosing a Location

We were looking for a place to house our constantly growing company, a factory, a residence (house), a farm-- an ensemble with that "certain something." We found it in 2014: a listed property in the east of Leipzig, almost 5,000 square metres, sunny and quiet, yet close to the motorway and in a lovely setting with friendly neighbours. We will revitalize this farm in the next 5 to 10 years. The GLS Community Bank is helping us to finance this project.

Plant Sales

After a pause of several years, we are again selling and shipping plants. You can order grapevines and other climbing plants from us. We have a partnership with a nursery in Saxony, and we grow a few special varieties ourselves.

Office, Warehouse and Workshop (Packing Line)

We primarily want to accommodate these functions. The 12-ton trucks must be able to deliver to and from the estate. Parking spaces will be required for customers and employees. The warehouse will be on the ground floor, the offices in the upper floors.

Salerooms / Shop

During the warm season, we would like to open our shop doors so that you can browse, purchase plants and climbing aids, AND where we can advise you on site. We see the season beginning with 'open workshops' where we can demonstrate the workings of our trellis systems and answer your questions. For example, you will then be able to test mount various holders on a wall dowel (plug). We expect visitors from Central Germany all the way to the neighbouring European countries. Day seminars would also be a possibility.

Green Demonstration Walls

A demonstration garden with green walls is also planned. Here the functioning of our trellis systems and various climbing support elements will be demonstrated on various building materials-- from stone to wood to insulation. We want to show climbing plants in conjunction with various climbing aids-- wire rope systems, wooden trellises, and metal grids...

Wooden and Metal Trellises

The domain of "wooden trellises" (made of robin wood laths) will be resurrected. You will then be able to choose your wooden parts, put trellises together on site and purchase directly, or have them shipped to you. Bar-shaped stainless steel trellises will also be available.


Climbing plants and wire rope systems determine the face of a building or house. Making the right choice here can take a bit longer. To sweeten our customers' time, we were thinking of a small café. When warm food is needed, the village restaurant is across the street!

Guest Flats

In the long run, I want to live on this farm with my children and their children! We are already thinking of a "grandchildren's paradise..." To accommodate visitors, we are planning 1-2 guest apartments. Maybe you would also like to visit FassadenGrün one day and explore Leipzig? A vibrant city, the ZOO with "Gondwanaland," an alluvial forest with kingfishers and a lake landscape are waiting to be discovered!

Realizing our Vision

To find out how our project is progressing, stay tuned to our blog (in the "Company" section)...

 *Note: not yet available in English... stay tuned!