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XXL Variant for thick Thermal Insulation Walls

Spacer-block (cylindric "supporting body" and additional supporting cone made of composite mortar) within the insulation material.

This page belongs to the 'insulation' and displays a new, experimental solution for particularly thick wall insulation. This solution serves also cases where an increased wall distance is required with still a sufficient strength capacity. This may be necessary, but also because of the health of sensitive plants such as Clematis and Roses for design reasons. The XXL solution combines the variants 'support body' and 'supporting cone', therefore 'combined solution'. It is retrofitted.

Endurance and Price

With this solution, the parameters of a 'Heavy' construction ' - a high load capacity with wall clearances of about 7 cm, etc, even when in wall insulation up to 22 cm thickness is achieved, at least approximately. The material price is less than 55 euros gross per anchor point plus cable, the assembly cost is very high.

Suitable Wall Bracket

There the XXL Holder WM 12XX9 is used.

Assembly and Maintenance

The installation occurs on already available insulation or afterwards with still available scaffolding standing if the insulating facade has occurred including when the final plaster is completely finished. The assembly can be carried out by do-it-yourselfers, DIY. The plants are to be cut so that no much too thick foliage rollers originate and that no branch stumps point backward to the wall and scratch the plaster. If necessary used strong climbers plants need special care and are to be run absolutely in parallel with the ropes like also for Wisteria, described before.

Wire rope system on external insulated wall (22cm) for hops
Enhanced wall distance
office building with honeysuckle
Extremly thick insulation boards for low-energy consumption house