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Wire Rope Trellis Fitting M8 'Premium' w/ Rawlplug, WM 08133

Drahtseilhalter aus Edelstahl für Stahlseil / Edelstahlseil

Product sheet

Description / Price

High quality cable holder or 'cross mount,' stainless steel V4A, smooth shaft M8, cross head d= 15 mm with grub screw, hex flange nut, pressure washer (curved thrust washer) d = 7.9 mm with laminated gasket (seal), special plug/dowel. A similar head is also available separately. >>> Price


For 3 mm cable, standard holder for Medium "Premium" Kit, in accordance with the specifications of the respective wire rope system. Simple or crosswise cable guidance; the distance from holder to holder should not exceed 1.5 m, if possible. Works with nearly all wall types; please check suitability via the link. Also suitable for panel/board building materials with a material thickness of at least 40 mm; for thinner plates, see below. Wall distance 6 cm. Please refer to the information on the selection of appropriate cross mounts.


Recommended tool

For accurate dowel holes (10 mm):hHammer drill HB 44444. Alternative for impact drilling: concrete drill, inexpensive masonry drill, or universal drill; selection also depends on wall type.



If necessary, please refer to the information on drilling work. Drill a 10 mm hole, approx. 9 cm deep. In solid/massive wood without plugs (dowels): pilot drill approx. 6mm, in front 7 mm. For optimal sealing, the surface should be reasonably flat or made so (by sanding). Grease the shaft a little, grasp the holder on the hexagon flange nut with an open-ended wrench, and screw in. Further installation is carried out as described for Medium Kits.


Special Features

In the case of exposed brickwork (fair faced masonry), you can install into a joint wall with 17.5 mm breadth, but then without pressure washer/gasket: see photo 03. Remove the tightly sealed pressure  washer: turn the washer several turns upwards in the direction of the flange nut in order to enlarge the sealing hole; then turn in the other direction, or if possible, remove it. 

In the case of hollow brick: first pilot-drill smaller holes and then carefully drill 10 mm without impact (pressure) drilling. Should the plug nevertheless turn in the hole, drill carefully up to 12 mm and use long plug/dowel DL 12090 (we will deliver this plug at no charge). 

Second alternative: drill up to 16 mm, set sieve sleeve SD 16085 with composite mortar and glue the white special anchor/plug/dowel in place. After setting (drying), remove any mortar within the plug by drilling it away with a 6 mm drill.

For through-hole assembly, a plug set is available.



Own "made in Germany" production: head from Saxony, shaft and thrust washer from North Rhine-Westphalia, plug from Baden-Wurttemberg; small portion from the Far East.

Wire rope support on cladding
Cable holder installed in 27 mm larch formwork with underlying glue wood posts (Version 04 -. See 'attachment'), grapevine
Stainless steel wire rope system
Robust and almost invisible: System 7050 on a concrete wall
Eindrehen des Halters
Screw in of the wire-cable support