Wire Rope Trellis Fitting "Eco" w/ Plug, WH 08111

Product Sheet

Description /Price

Small cross mount (distance holder) made of stainless steel, shaft 8 mm, cross head d= 15 mm with grub screw, hexagon flange nut, convex thrust washer, laminated seal, and collar plug DH 10065. The head is also available separately. >>> Price



Standard mount for our medium "eco" kit according to the specifications of the respective wire rope system. Inexpensive alternative to WH 10151, for low loads. For 3 mm cable, simple or crosswise cable guidance. The distance from mount to mount should not exceed 1.5 m, if possible. Compatible with almost all wall types (please refer to the link). Also suitable for panel building materials with a material thickness of at least 40 mm. For thinner flat plate walls, see below. Wall clearance 5 cm. Please also refer to the information provided as support for choosing suitable cable cross mounts.


Recommended Tools

For accurately fitting rawlplug holes (10 mm): hammer drill HB 44444. Alternatively, for impact drilling: concrete drill, inexpensive masonry drill, or universal drill; selection also depends on wall type.



If necessary, refer to the guidelines we've provided on drilling. Drill a 10 mm hole, approx. 7-8 cm deep. In solid wood without plugs (dowels): pre-drill approx. 6mm, front 7 mm. For optimal sealing, the surface should be reasonably level or made so by sanding down. Grease the shaft a little, taking hold of the mount on the hexagon flange nut with an open-ended wrench, and screw in. Further assembly is carried out as described for medium kits.



Own production: "Made in Germany" -- head from Bavaria, shaft from Lower Saxony, pressure washer from North Rhine-Westphalia, plug from Baden-Wurttemberg; small parts from the Far East.