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Wire Rope Trellis Fitting M10 for Concrete Garages, WM 10081

Distanzhalter Edelstahl für Seil

Product sheet

Description / Price

Cross mount made of stainless steel, shaft M10, crosshead d =18 mm with grub screw, lock nut, adjusting nut, spring washer, special support washer d = 9.8 mm, gasket and brass plug/dowel DM 10030. The head is also available separately. >>> Price



For especially thin-walled concrete garages; further special cases, see picture below. For 3 mm cable for Medium "Classic" Kits, in accordance with the specifications of the respective cable system (if purchased as pre-assembled kit), often in connection with WM 10080. Simple or crosswise rope guidance, wall distance approx. 4 -5 cm. The distance from cross mount to cross mount should ideally not exceed 1.5 m. Please also refer to the link on cross supports (mounts) for more information on appropriate selection. You can order any Classic Medium Kit and add "for concrete garages" as a note in the comments section at checkout; you'll then get the kit with WM 10081 (without surcharge). For "Eco" and "Premium" Kits there is a price compensation. 


Recommended tool

For accurate dowel holes (12 mm): hammer drill HB 44444. Alternatively: concrete drill, inexpensive masonry drill, or universal drill.



If necessary, please refer to the instructions on drilling work. For optimal sealing, the surface should be reasonably flat or made so (sanded down). Drilling depth in concrete approx. 3.5 cm; the brass plug/anchor is then placed flush with the outer wall. Please also refer to the product sheet for this cross mount. When the mount is inserted with rawl plug/dowel, it is screwed in carefully with a screwdriver (made of high grade chrome vanadium steel: see corrosion) inserted transversely through the grooves and turned. Then the adjusting nut (together with support washer, etc.) is tightened against the wall with moderate manual force. Further assembly is carried out as described for Medium Kits.


Special Features

For fastening into metal square pipes/ tubes, threads are cut into the posts/studs, and the mounts are screwed in directly. Installation is best done by one of your regional metal building firms. For trapezoidal sheets (metal) as modified version with tilting plug/dowel/toggle fixing, please inquire. Inquire also for cladding/lining with toggle fixing (if necessary, with extended shaft). For special cases, the mounts are available at no extra cost, also with a longer shaft (150 mm) than WM 10151. Also available-- additional nut/lock/spring washer for counter-fastening on the back side with push-through mounting in wooden posts, etc..



Production: "made in Germany" (Saxony), hexagon nuts from the Far East.

Kreuzhalter mit Kurzschaft
Distanzhalter an Garage
cable system 5050
Halter für Begrünung Balkon
Balcony posts galvanized assembly of a cable system with WM 10081 at square tube