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Wire Rope Systems the 8000 Category

Wall greening with wire rope system and Russian vine

With the climbing systems grouped here, larger areas of green coverage can be set up. Bands of greenery can be set at building bases, under windows, on walls with little structure up to 5 or more metres in height. This can be determined from outside contours-- for example, gradations and slopes that are included and mapped in the trellis system. If wall openings are within the growth field, please use the last of the six systems or the 9000-er category. The 8000 system is ideal for many plants but not for strong climbers/twiners like wisteria. Clematis and annuals should remain less than 30 cm mesh size for an optimal cover area. You can find supportive and detailed information in our Climbing Plants section. There, under the planning section, you can find tips for choosing a suitable system.

System 8010

Horizontally oriented basic form, particularly for building base

System 8020

Basic form for weaving several plants together. Also for larger surfaces.

System 8030

Exemplary basic form for big surfaces and high rope density

System 8040

Basic form like 8030, but for angled fields

System 8050

Basic form like 8030, but for slanted fields

System 8060

Wide 'meshes' for high greening and for growing around windows