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Wire Rope Systems the 7000 Category

House greening with roses in Eutin / Ostholstein

Subjects, rhombuses and rectangle forms are combined at these systems. The fan in the foot area supports the branching of the plant and can if necessary conceal the lower area formally later. Because aesthetic doubts are dropped as in the case of the fan forms (6000), such combination forms match to almost every wall. A considerable "writes" rope, cheap and for many plants are suitable through this unless strong with few mounts offer them lurch from side to side like wisteria. You learn details at the climbing plants and the planning helps.

System 7010

Delicate, inexpensive basic form for very narrow wall areas

System 7020

Universal basic form for many climbers and for substantial heights

System 7030

An easy, sparing basic form with better cable density

System 7040

Basic form, like 7020, just with better cable density

System 7050

Very universal and adaptable basic form, narrowly or broadly workable

System 7060

Exceptionally high cable density for annuals, Clematis and so on