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Wire Rope Systems the 6000 Category

Support wall at a vineyard in Meißen / Saxony

Vine trellis fan shapes are popular because they symbolize the growth of the plant striving for progress. On windowless and other slightly structured surfaces they can be-- individually or in a group-- an enrichment. In edge areas, etc., they can be constructed asymmetrically (see 6060). On highly articulated/structured facades (with windows, cornices, etc.), fan forms often have a disturbing effect; in most cases, climbing aids with only vertical and horizontal lines are preferable because they "absorb" the existing structures and uphold/continue the design. A diagonal design language is then up to the plants and their instincts, which thus naturally 'blur' the grid/net of the trellis. Fan shapes are ideal for many plants, except for strong twiners like wisteria. Please refer to the sections on climbing plants and planning aids.

System 6010

Simple basic form for narrow wall areas. Inexpensive, with insulation.

System 6020

Simple basic form similar to 6010. High cable density. Also for pergolas.

System 6030

Basic form similar to 6020. For greater heights.

System 6040

Wider basic form, for low heights. Good cable density.

System 6050

Wider basic form for higher espalier heights. Good cable density.

System 6060

Wide basic form, also for greater heights. Very good cable density.