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Wire Rope Systems: the 5000 Category

Wall trellis with grapevine in Bennungen / Saxony-Anhalt

This category includes square climbing aids for medium-sized climbers in various sizes, in limited to bigger extensions. (For even larger fields, look to system 8030). All square systems can be adapted to the circumstances and can also be installed as rectangular ('standing' or 'horizontal'). They are therefore very flexible and ideal for many plants, other than twining plants like wisteria. With clematis and annuals, the mesh sizes, however, should remain less than 30 cm for an optimal coverage. You can learn more in the section on climbing plants. In a following section, you will learn at what mesh size cross clamps instead of cross mounts are used. To find more tips on choosing an appropriate system, look to the planning assistance section.

System 5010

Extensive basic form, mostly used for securing shrub-like plants.

System 5020

Flexible form. An economical, rectangular variation of systems 4030 and 8010.

System 5030

Very flexible and solid basic form. Also for larger areas.

System 5040

Flexible, solid basic form for medium and large surfaces.

System 5050

Basic form with cable density for a moderate price. For clematis, etc..

System 5060

Special form for framing windows, etc..