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Wire rope Systems the 3000 Category

House wine on a town house in Lübeck

The 3000 Category contains T-shaped growing systems. The plants are thus drawn up and then guided horizontally on both sides over windows and doors. The vertical area of the growth area serves every now and then only for the guidance of the trunk which often remains unleafy - then only one cable is used for this. Roses, Grapevines and Clematis love several parallel lines. Strong lurching from side to side plants like Wisteria rather like 1 cable systems to prevent entanglement. Some plants, particularly lurching types, only get with an increased effort, in the horizontal position, then t-systems are only conditionally suitable. Learn more at the climbing plants and planning section.

System 3010

Simple inexpensive basic form for low heights /breadths.

System 3020

Sturdy basic form for more height / width, with more mounts arbitrarily expandable.

System 3030

Inexpensive version of system 3050, especially in cramped areas.

System 3040

Inexpensive version of system 3060, especially for cramped areas.

System 3050

Classic basic form for grapevines over windows ,and so on ("High espaliers").

System 3060

The best unfolding and develop. of many plants in the horizontal AND vertical area.