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Wire Rope Systems: the 2000 Category

Wisteria on a house in Pegau / Saxony. Why isn't there a greening over the shops door? Probably, because the birds, that tend to sit in the branches, would defecate on the marquee.

Category 2000 contains the angled growing systems. The plants are thus pulled upwards and then drawn (guided) horizontally over to windows and doors. The vertical area of the climbing field sometimes serves only to guide the stem of the plant (which is usually without leaves)... then only one rope is needed. Roses, vines, and clematis prefer several parallel cables. One line systems prevent entanglement. Some plants-- particularly wisteria - require single cable systems to prevent displacement (require increased effort to stay in horizontal positions); angled trellis systems are then only partially suitable. Find out more in the Climbing Plants and Planning sections.

System 2010

Simple, inexpensive basic form for low heights /breadths.

System 2020

Stable basic form for greater height/breadth, with more mounts for bigger greening.

System 2030

Economical version of system 2050, particularly useful with areas of limited space.

System 2040

Economical version of system 2060, used particularly in areas where space is limited.

System 2050

Classic basic form for vines over windows etc. ("high trellis").

System 2060

For the best unfolding and development of many plants on horizontal AND vertical cable spans.