Wire Rope System 9060

Here it concerns combinations of horizontal cable and vertical cable designs, but in each case with wide distance of the parallel (horizontal) cables, particularly. The formation of uniaxial green “strands”of hearty growing, tightly formed climbing plants are addressed here. The basic shape can be varied depending on the type of window openings and number of available panels on the wall. Shown here is just one of many possibilities.

Information and assembly tips (order as kit not possible)

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Dimensions: Measurements according to the requirements of the particular wall situation. Pictured is an area of max. 6 x 6 meters (8.8 mx 7.20 in heavy kit m). At least all 1.5 m shall be provided between holder, with heavy intermediate bracket kit all about 1.5 to 2.2 m (vertical cables) and all approximately 1.8 m (horizontal parts). Foot point about 1 - 2 m above the ground. Please note your special high greening, also lightning protection, and please ask if necessary.


Required Parts: You yourself can assemble medium, heavy and massive kits. Please use the notes at : Climbing Plants, and if necessary for choosing the choice of the kit. Depending on the arrangement, what’s needed is: 

  • wire - 3 or 4 mm

  • cross holder (and plug)

  • (free drifting) cross terminal mounts

  • end sleeves 

  • if necessary tools and tying /binding materials


Installation: carried out as shown on the graphs, please also refer to the installation tips (see above).


Shoot guidance: See graphics. Garlands (R 01). What’s best are two plants in one planting pit for the separation of the lower and upper areas of (R 02). Later post-planting  two separate planting pits (R 03).

Massive steel cable system
Massive kit, Dutchman's Pipe
Wisteria led on wire rope
Strictly led wisteria
Wire tensioning for Wisteria
strictly formed Wisteria

Grapevine training on system 9060

R 01
R 02
R 03
Trellis system for fruit
Massive kit, trellis pear
Trellis for climbing plants
Wisteria developing
(Light) / Medium / Heavy / Massive kit