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Wire Rope System 9050

Composite basic form. Orders which when several horizontal and vertical growing fields cross with 1, 2, or more parallel wire-cables, each are summarized under the system 9050. Often it turns out that several ends of individual fields (primarily the vertical) still stand out from the total field, thus is such a large area array assembly-friendly. This form can organize large monotone areas, planting more pits up  to connect a growth field link or frame a plurality of wall openings. It is irrelevant how many growth fields are connected and how many single cables belong to each The classification as 'cable system' is to serve only to give exemplary building instructions for such arrangements.

Information and assembly tips (order as kit not possible)

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Measurement and Placing: Possible arbitrary heights and widths the arrangement of the cables in the individual fields is done according to the intended planting so that these fields as individual 'basic forms' according to the survey are discussed. The distance between the ropes, the number of intermediate mounts etc. are to be specified to that accordingly. Generally it is valid: If rope sections of more than 1.5 m length result, intermediate mounts are to be planned or (with 3 and more parallel ropes) 'bridges'provided in the cable process. Please consider the characteristics of high greening, also consider your lightning protection, and inquire if necessary.


Required Parts: The basic form is primarily conceived as heavy and solid kit for 4 or 3 mm wire cable, then with 'open ends' of the individual climbing fields. With plants such as Clematis, which prefer tight arrangements, the form is recommended as medium kit (3 mm rope), if necessary with 'closed ends' of the eachindividual climbing field. This arrangement with the ends of the climbing fields strengthened by a transverse rope can be also meaningful if formatively a thick green mass at the terminals is wished for. Depending on the required stability, it is possible to dispense with crossover points in the inner region to the specified therein wall mount or free-floating cross clamps. As a result, costs can be saved. Easy kits are possible, but usually the wires at great lengths (over 5 m) are then too slack. Please use the notes at the Climbing Plants section, and if necessary for deciding which kit to use. Depending on the arrangement this is needed: 

  • wire rope 1.8 or 3 or 4 mm 

  • cross holder (and fixing)

  • (free drifting) cross terminal 

  • end sleeves 

  • if necessary tools and tying materials


Installation: carried out as shown on the graphs, please also refer to the installation tips (see above). The processes shown below are transferable to similar and divergent orders. In principle all long, vertical cables are first laid on a frame. Then all long horizontal or vertical cables, each running about more than two breakpoints, then more similar ropes and finally if necessary the short rope bridges with only two break points.

Heavy kit for insulation, façade anchor WM 12XX8, "open ends" of the individual growing fields (no crossways lines), Clematis Montana
Wire rope system for greening
Medium kit, growing systems for Clematis
Climbing plant support system for Clematis
Medium kit, arrangement for wall vine
Climbing plant support system, stainless steel
(Light) / Medium / Heavy / Massive kit