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Wire Rope System 9040

Under the system 9040, designs are combined such that an awkward or bothersome window (or similar) can be integrated within a (usually) large climbing field, as with 8030. The 9030 is not a system per se (it is not offered as a kit), but we've classified it as a cable system mainly to provide assembly instructions valid for all similar cases and arrangements. For support in choosing an appropriate trellis size/style, refer to our section on climbing plants (charts at bottom of each plant profile).

Information and assembly tips (not available as a kit)

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Height x Width: according to the requirements of the respective wall situation. Depending on the required stability, it is possible to use free-floating cross clamps at intersection points in the inner area instead of wall mounts/clamps (which reduces cost as well). However, the maximum distance from mount to mount should not exceed 1.5 m; for heavy and massive kits: max distance 2.2 m (vertical ropes) or 1.8 m (horizontal ropes).


Required Parts: You can put lightmediumheavy, and massive kits together. Easy kits are possible, but can be somewhat confusing with the rope guidance and arrangement of cable clamps. Please refer to the information in our climbing plants and/or anchors/mounts section for support in choosing a kit. Depending on the arrangement, you'll need the following:


Installation: as shown in the diagrams; please also refer to the installation tips (see chart above, click on respective kit). You can apply the sequence of assembly to similar and different arrangements. Basically, a frame is constructed first, then the rope sections tangent to the opening or recess are laid, then all others.  

Heavy Kit, protective grid (falling safeguard) for ivy (after damage caused by storm and trimming)
Greenery on an old castle tower, Stuttgart / Baden-Wuerttemberg
Climbing elements in medium style
Climbing/Trellis elements, construction style "Classic" for grapevines
Tension wires in a medium style "classic." The climbing field was subdivided into equally high sections with few horizontal ropes; at the window, the middle horizontal ropes were interrupted and moved.
Tensioned cable around a window
Medium style "classic," this time with mounts WM 10081, vine in development
Wire rope on a garage
Wall greening with grapevine
Wall greening with grapevine
Massive Kit, climbing grid for climbing roses: here only every third rope was fastened with wall mounts. The other ropes are inserted loosely, similar to 5050.
Trellis made of wire rope
Garage window with vine, middle style "classic." The upper inner corners of the window "frame" were trained here with free-floating cross clamps.
Tensioned wire rope on a garage
Light / Medium / Heavy / Massive Kit