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Wire Rope System 9040

Under the system 9040 arrangements are summarized, with which in a usually large climbing field similarly a 'disturbing' window or the like, is to be integrated as in 8030. With the system 9030 it concerns, however, several such openings.The classification should serve as a 'Cable system 9040' also, to provide assembly instructions for such orders.

Information and assembly tips (order as kit not possible)

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Height x breadth: according to the requirements of the respective wall situation. Depending on wished stability it is possible to use freely suspended cross clamps at transposition points in the inner area instead of wall supports. So costs can be economized. As a maximum distance of support to support 1.5 m shouldn't be exceeded at a heavy and solid kit 2.2 m of (vertical ropes) or 1.8 m of (horizontal ropes), though.

Required Parts: You yourself can put easy, light, medium, heavy and massive kits together. Easy kits are possible, but unmanageable at the fairlead and at arrangement of the cable terminals. Please use the notes at : Climbing Plants, and if necessary for choosing the choice of the kit. Depending on the arrangement, what’s needed is: 

  • wire 1.8 or 3 or 4 mm

  • cross mount (and plug)

  • (free drifting) cross terminal holders

  • end sleeves

  • if necessary tools and tying /binding materials


Installation: carried out as shown on the graphs, please also refer to the installation tips (see above).The sequence of operations is transferable to similar and divergent orders.Basically, a frame is constructed first, then the opening or recess tangent rope sections are relocated, then all others.

Heavy kit, falling safeguard for ivy (after damage caused by storm and trimming)
Greenery on Tower old castle, Stuttgart / Baden-Wuerttemberg
Growing elements in medium
Growing elements, construction style "Classic" for grapevines
Spanned wires in a medium style "Classic". The growing field was subdivided into just as high sections with few horizontal ropes, for the window the middle horizontal ropes were interrupted and moved.
Tensioned cable around a window
Medium style "Classic" differing with supports WM 10081, vine growing
Wire rope on a garage
Wall greening with grapevine
Wall greening with grapevine
Massive kit, growing bars for climbing Roses. Here only every third rope was fastened by wall supports. The other ropes are inserted limply analogous to 5050.
Lattice made of wire rope
Garage window with vine, middle style "Classic". The upper window "frame" inner corners were trained here with freely suspended cross clamps .
Tensioned wire rope on a Garage
Light / Medium / Heavy / Massive kit