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Wire Rope System 9030

Combined basic form. Under the number 9030 arrangements are summarized, with which several climbing fields with an generally closed cable framework is combined into a large field. Due to this closed framework the form is assembly-friendlier than other combined forms. With such arrangement wall openings can be framed, besides, it is unimportant how many fields are connected and how many single cables are inserted under or over the windows. The classification as a 'cable system' should serve to give an exemplary construction manual for such orders.

Information and assembly tips (order as kit not possible)

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Dimensions: It usually deals here with longer areas of a ground floor with green wall stripes over and under the windows. The installation of the cables in the individual subfields between windows etc. is so carried out according to the scheduled planting that these fields are treated as single "basic forms" in accordance with the overview. The distance between the wires, the number of inter-supports etc. have to be fixed according to this. The basic form 9030 exists if the complete order is enclosed by wire-cable rectangularly and no single strands lead out of the complete field together with cable supports. If there are longer horizontal cable sections of more than 1.5 m above the windows, etc., intermediate brackets are to be set, as exemplified here by the left respectively 3rd and 7th hold points of the horizontal cables. If, for example, a horizontal rope runs over outer boundaries, you will find instructional info under the basic form 9010. When below no connection of the subfields is planned or possible, you can find more information at system 9020.


Required Parts: You yourself can put easy, light, medium, heavy and massive kits together. Easy kits are possible, but may be confusing at the fairlead and at arrangement of the cable terminals. Please use the notes at Climbing Plants, and if necessary for choosing the choice of the kit. Depending on the arrangement, what’s needed is:

  • wire 1.8 or 3 or 4 mm

  • cross mount (and plug)

  • (free drifting) cross terminal holders

  • end sleeves 

  • if necessary tools and tying /binding materials


Installation: carried out as shown on the graphs, please also refer to the installation tips (see above). The procedures shown below are transferable to similar and different arrangements. Basically all four outer cables are first installed, then all other longer pieces of rope, each run for more than two breakpoints and finally the short rope bridges with only two stops.

Heavy kit modified for outer insulation, WM 12 XX2, growing wall for climbing Roses, winter some horizontal cables are inserted limp analogous to the 5050.
Climbing support wall for roses
Medium kit, growing field for Graffitti protection, planting Periwinkle Honeysuckle. At a wall opening , see also 9040.
Lattice made of wire rope
Genuine Grapevine
Grapevine on a Farm house in Mellenthin / Usedom / Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Growing system for climbing roses, heavy kit
Rose trellis made of wire rope
Detail of the photo above
Climbing plant support system, stainless steel
Wire rope system in Medium construction style "Classic" for Clematis Montana, coming from the right
Wire rope system for Clematis
Medium kit for small kiwi. Supports were set to WM 12XX2 in the horizontal rope over the windows divergently because insulation was on there in front of the cover plate.
Trellis system for Kiwi
Light / Medium / Heavy / Massive kit