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Wire Rope System 8040

Composite basic form. Number 8040 contains graded growing systems or combinations for verticle and horizontal growing areas. One or several "steps" are possible, below find an assembly expiry for an order with two steps. The classification as a "cable system" shall serve merely to give exemplary building instructions for such and similar orders. For more information on a suitable construction style etc. please also refer to our climbing plants section.

Information and assembly tips (order as kit not possible)

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Height x breadth: according to the requirements of each respective wall situation. Depending on demanded stability, it is possible to use freely suspended cross clamps at transposition points in the inner area instead of wall supports. So costs can be economized. As a maximum distance of support to support 1.5 m shouldn't be exceeded at a heavy and solid kit 2.2 m of (vertical ropes) or 1.8 m of (horizontal ropes), though


Required Parts: You yourself can put easy, medium, heavy and massive kits together. Easy kits are possible but can be trouble at the cable guided assembly and arrangement of the clamps. Please also use with the choice of the kit the references with the climbers and if necessary with attachments. Depending upon arrangement what is needed:

  • Wire-cable 1.8 or 3 or 4 mm

  • Cross support (and dowel)

  • (Freely suspended) cross clamps

  • end hulls or sleeves

  • if necessary tools and bandage material


Assembly: is shown as on the graphics, you will find details about the procedures if you click on the individual kits (see table above) The processes shown below are transferable to similar and divergent orders. Basically, the outer cables first, then all other longer pieces of rope are installed, each run for more than two critical points and the last remaining short pieces of rope.


Shoot guidance: See 5030 and 5040 at the related systems.

Tiered growing systems with spacer WM 12191 on a fire wall with wall pawning
Wall ledge
Trellis system, medium construction style
A medium construction style trellis
Cable system of medium style, clematis
Wire rope system for Clematis
Heavy kit, for small kiwi
Climbing aid made of stainless steel for Kiwi
Steel cables arranged freely for climbing roses, heavy style
Steel cable for a climbing rose
Outline for a growing element with steps because of windows and switch box.
growing elements with levels
Light / Medium / Heavy / Massive kit
Beispiel 02: Leichter / Mittlerer / Schwerer / Massiver Bausatz
Beispiel 03: Leichter / Mittlerer / Schwerer / Massiver Bausatz