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Wire Rope System 5030

Climbing net with square or rectangular mesh. Universally applicable, only not for plants which need very close/dense arrangements (e.g. clematis). Every point where ropes intersect should be enforced with a wall mount, which will fix the net better on the wall; the mesh can tend to be larger than the related basic form 5040. An inexpensive but less resilient alternative is the 4040. For the selection of a suitable construction style, please refer to the guidelines in the Climbing Plants section.

Order as a kit: Parts list, information and assembly tips

28-54 €84,80 €125-235 €219,80 €299,80 €

The pre-assembled kits are suitable for all wall types, but not for insulation, cladding, and thin-walled concrete elements. Alternatives can be put together in all cases.


The pre-assembled kits are suitable for all wall types, but not for outer wall insulation, cladding, and thin-walled concrete elements, alternatives can be put together in all cases. 


Height x breadth: at confectioned kits to 1.6 m x 1.6 m (at a middle and heavy/solid kit to 2.2 m x 2.2 m). Base approx. 0.5 - 1.2 m over the ground.


Expansion: With the same number of wall holders but more rope field parameters are also possible to 4.0 m x 4.0 m (at a heavy kit to 6.6 m x 5.4 m). Please, the basic form is arbitrarily expandable with more rope AND more holders, if necessary ask on. For very big "mesh sizes", e.g. if windows will go round, is at to choose systems like 8060.


Installation: carried out as shown on the graphs, please also refer to the installation tips (s. above).


 Shoot guidance: See graphics. Garlands (R 03) then arranged at easy and middle kits as a little trellis with a bilateral flat bend (R 01) or as a little fan (R 02) with a greater mesh size (as in the case of a heavy kit).

Light construction design with distance holders (spacer mounts) WM 06093 on a thin-walled concrete garage, pinning aid for climbing hydrangea
Climbing elements for climbing hydrangea
Medium Kit, medium-sized "mesh"
Climbing Net
Inexpensive but less sturdy alternative (without wall anchors inside): System 4040
Ropes/Cable for FassadenGrün
Heavy construction style, climbing roses
Trellis/lattice for roses
Heavy Kit modified, big "mesh" on outer insulation
Climbing support cables on insulation
Climbing element 5030 in light construction style, through-hole mounting on plastered sheet metal garage, one-year Thunbergia (black-eyed Susan)
Growing with Thunbergia (Black-eyed Susan)
Easy Kit, medium-sized "mesh"
Lattice made of wire rope
Wire rope system 5030 as a Massive Kit, large mesh, kiwi in development
Climbing plant support for kiwi (Actinidia)

Grapevine training on system 5030

R 01
R 02
R 03
Easy kit
Light / Medium / Heavy / Massive kit