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Wire Rope System 3010

This is a small basic form for annual or strictly-formed climbing plants...particularly for narrow strips of wall. Many climbing plants need more cable, in which case forms like 3050 or 3060 are recommended. For the choice of a suitable style, please refer to the guide in the climbing plants section.

Order as a kit: parts list, information, and assembly tips

 11-19 € 25.80 € 31-59 € 59.80 € 82.80 €


The pre-assembled kits are suitable for all wall types, with the exception of outer insulation, cladding, and thin-walled concrete elements. Alternatives can be put together in all cases.


Height x Breadth: to 1.5 m x 3 m (2.0 m x 3.6 m for heavy/massive kits). Base approx. 0.3 - 0.8 m above ground. With more wire rope and mounts, the basic form is expandable to 3020.


Installation: carried out as shown in the diagrams. In addition, please observe the assembly tips above (click on a kit for more details).


Vine Training/Shoot Guidance: See diagrams. Usually as a small garland (R 02) or branched garland (R 03). With a bucket/pot culture and small climbing system up to approx. 3 m-- breadth also as a compact vine (R 01). The green shoots then grow new every year with R 01 and R 02, up to the horizontal cable.

Heavy Kit with wall mounts WM 12191
Growth cable for climbing plants
Medium Kit "Classic"
Wire rope line for plants
Annual morning glory
Plant climbing system for morning glories
Facade greening with roses
House with facade greening (roses) in Lübeck

Grapevine training on system 3010

R 01
R 02
R 03
Medium Kit "Classic" with wall mounts WH 10151 on hollow masonry, grapevine
Wire rope structure
Easy Kit
Light / Medium / Heavy / Massive Kit