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Wire Rope System 1010

Simple, variable basic form, often without wire-cable. Used on walls that aren’t scratch sensitive, i.e., bricks. With insulated walls use only with very soft, light or an annual plant and then with a insulant dowel in the wall. The root structure is directly and selectively bound with binding material on a single, preferred placed eyelet. With an already existing greening it is also possible to create a plant retaining loop with two opposite lying eyelets or U-nails  and between them a connection cord, cable, or rope.

Maße: an die Pflanze anpassen

Befestigung und Montage: Ösenschrauben ermöglichen einen Wandabstand von 1 bis 3 cm. Oft nur einfache Krampen.

Rose shoot/vine after a Winter's trim, connected to single wall eyelets
Grapevine cordon on single eyelets
Historical wall cladding with colored withdrawn cover strips, Espalier PEAR with specific mounting according to 1010.
Historic wall cladding, Moritzburg / Saxony
Single grommets are suitable for Wisteria when a built up branch framework already exists and a more stable fastening is needed.
Wisteria on a timbered house
Boston Ivy, new proliferation after façade rehabilitation. The stout main caudex hangs from straps which are fastened to U nails - likely on the right and on the left of each upper window.
wild vine