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Wire Rope System 0060

A new special form will soon introduced here. Special form for the green cover of pergolas and similar frame constructions. Both for privacy protection at lateral sides or above for "roof greening".

Height x breadth: is specified.


Installation: carried out as shown on the graphs. Please also refer to the installation tips (see above).


Materials List:

Bandage (sold at FassadenGrün) can be put preventively underneath against abrasion damages.

Shoot guidance: described as in the case of Pergola.

Frame with U-shaped wire ropes
Frame with U-shaped wire ropes
Cable ends in special form
Cable turnaround in a special form
Wire rope arrangement with cable and clamp rings on a roof garden
Pergola on roof garden
Tensioned steel cables, detail to the photo above
Tensioned arrangement with wire rope
Wire rope on a Pergola
Wire rope on a Pergola