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Wire Rope System 0040

Special form for free-hanging ropes, particularly for vine garlands. Please also see the page on "Canopies, Roofing."

Order as a kit: Parts list, information and assembly tips

32.80 €

Dimensions: by kit for at first maximum 5.5 metres. With more cable also for both arbitrary lengths horizontal and sloping. If possible, garlands should , due to the high strain capacities, be building to  building. Anchorage is in (free-standing) walls - if at all - only below, in the middle, or at most at the beginning of the upper third possible, but never in the upper stone rows or in the wall coping. Due to the strong strain in the direction of the axis of the threaded shank final supports should always be adhered with composite mortar at masonry etc. Fastening with plastic dowels isn't sufficient. The cables should not be extremely tight but always a little "sag" should be left when stretched to relieve the final mounts. At larger span widths, higher loads and in open wind situations, if necessary, additional bevel bracing should be put in the center of cable and set into the house wall leading upward.


Assembly:  is carried out as pointed (above) on the graphics. Please ask in addition for more tips. With regard to the great stress of the dowels in the axial direction, strong eyelets with bonding or metric plugs must be used. The holes for glueing the eyelets should be slightly conical, i.e. drilled back greater in the wall or milled by corresponding lateral pressure of the drilling machine ('undercut')

Vine garland with eyelet, screwing tension adjuster (screw clamp SP 05190), thimble, and 2 cable clamps.
Grapevine garland over a driveway.
Installation instructions