Cable holder for ETICS, WH 08555

Product sheet

Description / Price

Cable holder or "cross holder" made of stainless steel AISI 316 with integrated threaded dowel for ETICS insulation plates. Cable holding cross head d=15 mm with grub screw, shaft M 8, hexagonal flange nut, thrust plate with gasket seal ring, large cover plate (d=60 mm), gasket made of weatherproof foam, and integrated nylon threaded plug. Wall distance 40 mm. Appearance similar to the cross holder "Eco". Very easy mounting. The cable-holder-head is also available separately. Price.



An inexpensive option to build a cable trellis for climbing plants on a wall with ETICS insulation panels up 10 cm thick. No thermal bridge! Can be used on insulation panels made of hard foam, polystyrene, soft wood fibre boards etc. Not suitable for mineral wool and other flaky or poured insulating materials. Very easy mounting without cutting the insulation panel open. Can hold one or two crossed metal cables up to a maximum thickness of 3 mm. Can be used instead of the standard fixings for all of our "Medium" version trellis systems. Low load capacity, wall distance 4 cm. 


Recommended tools

We recommand our hammer drill HB 44444 or one of our concrete drills to pre-drill the outer layor of the insulation panels, or any inexpensive masonry drill or universal drill. For the second drilling we recommand the hammer drill bit HB 16160.



Pre-drill with a drill bit d = 8-12 mm (fig. 04) to penetrate the plaster layer, then use a drill bit d = 16 mm (without percussion) to drill approx. 15 - 25 mm deep so as to create space for the dowel shaft. For soft wood fibre boards boards: drill to a depth of approx. 90 mm. Grab the point holder by the flange nut with a 13 mm open-end wrench and carefully screw the cable-holder in the insulation panel while maintaining pressure from the top (ball of the thumb while wearing a glove - fig. 05), until the thread of the dowel grips the materiel and is correctly aligned vertically and horizontally. Screw the cable-holder further in while constantly checking the vertical and horizontal alignment and correct the position if necessary. Turn until the resistance increases significantly and the foam seal is compressed against the outer layer (fig. 06). The large cover plate must be in contact with the plaster in order to act as a pressure plate. The cables are installed as described for or "Medium" version.

Important: Tighten the grub screw only slightly so that the rope can slip out without damaging the insulation panel in case of unexpected load. Grab the cable-holder with a wrench while screwing in the grub screw (fig. 07).



"Made in Germany" - assembled by FassadenGrün. Head piece from Saxony, shaft from Lower Saxony, thrust washer from North Rhine-Westphalia, dowel system from Bavaria, foam gasket from Thuringia, other small parts imported.