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Wire Rope Cross Mount M12, WM 12191

Product sheet

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Spacer or 'Cross mount', made of stainless steel, shaft M12 x 190 mm, cross head d =20 mm, polished plate washer with grub screw, nut, spring washer, and gasket. Expansion pressure-free anchoring, bonding with mortar, special cases in wood, see below. For alternatively soluble fastenings choose WM 12153. The head is also available separately. >>> Price



For wire-cable 4 and 3 mm, standard support for heavy kits in accordance with the specifications of the respective wire rope system (if you bought a pre-assembled set) and the climbing plants. Simple or crosswise cable guidance. The distance of support to support if possible shouldn't exceed 1.8 m at horizontal lines and 2.2 m at vertical lines. For all kinds of masonry, especially for hollow-bricks and sensitive edge areas in which no spreading pressures can be built up as in the case of WM 12153. Wall distance at adhesion adjustable, recommended 7 cm, at most 9 cm (then 3 mm of rope). Please also use the information about the choice of fitting cross mounts.



If necessary please follow the leaflet on drilling work and the instructions for composite mortar. The underground should be flat, to some extent, or be made so for optimal insulation. In hollow masonry, in addition, use sieve rawl plugs/anchors if installing extra long SD 16130, then bore 16 mm and approx. 140 mm deep. Moving parts of the spacer slide forward, mortar press, turning insert shank, position and if necessary secure (photo) from below against sagging. Remove mortar welling up by means of rags, if necessary. After setting, then slide the spring ring, washer and seal to the wall and clamp by tightening the lock nut. The further installation is processed as described for heavy kits.



For all special cases, the spacers are available at no extra charge with different shaft lengths. For solid wood (timber) go ahead and order WM 12161. For through-hole installation with supports of Carports etc. a counter set is available.



"Made in Germany" (Saxony), hexagon nuts from the Far East.

growing system for Clematis and Roses.
Support during bonding, for. Example by means of an inserted matchstick (here the smaller WM 10121)
Bushing assembly with counterpressure set