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Spacer M12 for Massive Wood, WM 12161

Wall mount for wire trellises into solid wood

Product sheet

Description / Price

Spacer and/or 'cross mount', made of high-grade steel, shank M 12 x approx. 160 mm, crosshead D 20 mm with set-screw, lock nut, split lock , polished washer and seal. Screwing assembly. Short version of WM 12191. The head is also available separately. >>> Price



For wire-cable 4 and 3 mm, for heavy kits in accordance with the specifications of the respective cable system (if purchased as a pre-assembled-kit). The distance of support to support shouldn't exceed 1.8 m at horizontal ropes and 2.2 m at vertical ropes if possible simple or crosswise rope guidance. For massive wood (half-timbered custom houses). Wall distance adjustable, recommended 6-7 cms, maximum 8 cms, then better with 3 mms of wire rope. Please, also use the info for the choice of suitable cross holders.



The (metric) machine thread of the spacer is screwed in into the wood directly to a pilot-drilled hole. If necessary please notice our leaflet on drilling work. The wood should made ready (flat) for optimal insulation. Pre-bore from 10.5 to 11 mm, about 9 - 10 cm deep. Loosen set screw, slide moving parts of the spacer forward. Grease shaft and put in the timber. Put a flat iron 4 mm (flat wrench) into the crossheads groove, screw in and adjust. Slide seal, washer, splitlock and nut to the wall and tighten. The further installation is processed as described for heavy kits.



When grinding a short serration in the end the thread shank, this can work like a 'tapping screw' and facilitate turning. With supports of carports etc. also WM 12191 is usable with through-hole montage as pins, but we supply a counter-pressure set for an extra charge.



"Made in Germany" (Saxony), hexagon nuts from the Far East.

mount, wooden framework
Wire trellis on carport
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Use grease before screwing in