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Wire Rope Mount Extra Long with Plug, WH 10181

Cross mount for wire trellises 1,8 - 3,0 mm

Product sheet

Description / Price

Crosshead d=18 mm, grub screw, check nut, hexagon flanged nut, special-supporting plate d=8.9 mm, long version of the support WH 10151, made of high-grade steel A2, shaft M 10/H 9, seal and long plugs. The head is also available separately. >>> Price



Special support for increased wall distance of 8 cm, from time to time in connection with WH 10180. For wire-cable 1.8 mm, use analogous the specifications of the respective cable system (if purchased as a pre-assembled set) for "Light"-kits.

Conditionally suitable for 3 mm steel cable, but then lower stability due to a prolonged displacement and significantly higher loads than with WH 10151. For medium-sized kits 'Classic'.  The mount is only suitable when the distance is reduced from holder to holder instead of up to 1.5 m to approx. 0.6- 1.0 m. There are exceptions for low cable systems up to 2 m height, which are planted with slow strong growing plants such as annuals, Clematis, Grapevines and Roses. The holder is completely analogous to WH 10151, so as at medium kits, 'Classic' use. Simple or crosswise cable guide possible. Can also be particularly suitable for hollow bricks (aerated), in addition to many types of walls, please check the link for suitability. In slab/panel construction materials only if anchoring in substructure is possible and material thickness is at least approximately 60 mm. Please also use the guide for selecting a suitable cross mount.



If necessary please notice the leaflet about drilling work. Often with long plug DL 12090 (see link in 1st paragraph), grease the shaft a little. Establish drilling 12 mm, approx. 10 cm deep. At plate/slab building-materials with plug DH 12075, in massive wood without plugs (mm, in front 9 mm pilot-drill approx. 8). The underground should be flat to some extent, or be made so for optimal insulation. Releasing grub screw, take hold of open-ended 15er spanner to the hexagon flanged nut and turn.  Further assembly is carried out as described for medium kits.


Special Features for the Order

If you order a medium kit "Classic" instead of components and would like the mount WH 10181 divergently instead of WH 10151, please write a message in the field of ordering process in the field "remarks" and we will then deliver WH 10181 to you without surcharge.



Production "made in Germany", hexagon nuts from the Far East

Wall mount with 8 cm wall clearence
Support put together into wall joint
Trellis with WH 10181 for clematis
Trellis for Clematis
Summerhouse with wire trellis, medium construction style
tomatoes and other annual plants at a wooden summer house
Greening with grapevine
dense order of WH 10181 for shoots, WH 10181 for shoots, Distances of the mount < 1.0 m.