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Wall Mount for Framework, WM 10083

Wandabstandshalter Edelstahl für Seil

Product sheet

Description / Price

Wall spacers or 'Cross holder', made of stainless steel, shaft M 10, with integrated plug system (patent protection). Crosshead d= 18 mm with grub screw, nut, press plate for concluding hole, seal (neoprene), sleeve (plastic) with spread counter, spreading cone and metric plugs (both galvanized steel). Wall distance 50 mm. Small version of the wall mount WM 12153, simple assembly. The head is also available separately. When required, the mount is deliverable with eyelet instead of cross head (similar to WM 10100).

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Special mount for medium kits "Classic" and wire cable 3 mm for special facades. For strong slab construction materials and boards (linings such as laminated wood plates among other things), in each case starting from approx. 20 mm of strength.

 Also for (doubled up) wood panels of approx. 35 mm total thickness or simple wood paneling attachment but then only in areas lying behind battens, so that overall a material cross-section of 35 - 50 mm is available. For  simple or crosswise, if necessary also a triple cable guide. Due to the spreading pressure not for margin areas, minimum distance of the margin approx. 15 cm. The distance of holder to holder if possible shouldn't exceed 1.5 m. Please also use the information about the choice of fitting cross holders.



If necessary please notice the leaflet about drilling work. Establish a bore of 12 mm diameter and 65 (to 70) mm depth. The underground should be flat to some extent or be made so for an optimal insulation. The wall already completely preassembled spacer is led into the cleaned bore-hole, strike (figure 05) if necessary, until the rubber seal comes in contact to the wall.  The black guide sleeve must sit tightly. If the mount is difficult to implement, the hole can be drilled and increased by lateral pressure or low tilting of the drill to approx. 12.5 mm. If the drilling diameter, however, gets too big, the plug is turned a little closer before inserting. By a slight bulging of the guide sleeve a better 'grip' on the borehole wall is then allowed. And the element does not rotate through when tightening. Taking hold of then the support by means of open-ended spanner at the double nut and turn (figure 06). The tool must grip at the broad, front nut. After a few turns - clockwise as when inserting an ordinary screw - the inner metric plugs begins to spread open, recognizable by squeezing the outside protruding guide sleeve (spread indicator - Figure 06). If the plastic hull coming through is completely squeezed (figure 07), the holder is still aligned according to the cross-slots. The further assembly is carried out as described for medium kits.


Special Features

The wall spacers WM 10083 may at any time come unscrewed from the anchoring again.



Made in Germany " (Saxony), plug system of Baden-Wurttemberg, nuts imported (the Far East)

Wandabstandshalter Drahtseil
Image 02: Components
Image 03: WM 10083, partially on-duplicated putting lid shuttering.
Abstandhalter für Begrünung auf Plattenbaustoffen
Image 04: Assembly on laminated wood panels
Montage Wandhalter
Image 05: Strike carefully, here a similar cross support.
Image 06: Beginning of the spreading of the rawl plug, recognizably in the compression of the spread indicator.
Montage eines Wandhalters
Image 07: Support screwed in already, the spreading indicator is pressed together.