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Connector 3-5 mm (Cable Cross Clamp). SK 34515

Cross clamp for wire rope from 3 to 5 mm

Product sheet

Description / Price

Cable and rod, cross clamp made of high-grade steel A2. Diameter: 15mm, length: 19mm, two different side-drilled holes (4.3 and 5.1mm). Compact, decorative style. Great grip, no slipping or sliding of cable. >>> Price


Use of the cross clamps

For the securing of wire-cables (3-5mm in diameter) and/or growing sticks in an overlapping, grid structure. Can also be used for metal rods with 5mm diameter. Adjustable and detachable. You can use  this cross clamp as a self-supporting cross point making larger growing nets possible. If necessary please, use the general information about the use of cross clamps.



Loosen grub screws a little so that you are able to slide the clamps onto the cable, before fastening the cable to the wall mounts. Next, insert the intersecting rods or cables into the perpendicular holes. Adjust and tighten the grub screws where necessary, with a firm hold the clamps body when doing so.


Special Features

This cable cross clamp up to 5mm diameter is great value for money. As this particular clamp has drilled holes rather than open teeth like the Press Clamp, the total assembly process is slightly more complex. 



"Made in Germany" (Saxony) grub screws from the Far East.

Cross clamp for wire rope and rods
High grade stainless steel cross clamp
connection wire-cable/wire cable
Stainless steel cable/rod connector
connection wire-cable/growing rod