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Wintercreeper-- also known as Spindle Tree (lat. Euonymus fortunei 'coloratus' or 'radicals') -- has a rather weak growth habit makes it an ideal alternative to English Ivy for greening the base of a wall and to prevent building damage. The varieties listed here have been selected as excellent choices for the greening of buildings.

("Wintercreeper", lat.: Euonymus fortunei)

Wall greening with Euonymus fortunei

General Information

Euonymus as a climbing plant

Large Wintercreeper

Large Wintercreeper

As a graffiti protection

Dark Wintercreeper

Dark Wintercreeper

Dense and robust like English Ivy

Light green Wintercreeper

Light Wintercreeper

Especially light leaf colour

Yellow Wintercreeper "Emerald Gold"

Yellow Wintercreeper

Striking colour