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Also known as Spindle Tree (lat. Euonymus fortunei 'coloratus' or 'radicans'). The rather weak growth habit makes Wintercreeper an ideal alternative to replace the English Ivy for greening the base of a wall and to prevent building damages. The varieties listed here have been selected as excellent choices for the greening of buildings.

("Wintercreeper", lat.: Euonymus fortunei)

Wall greening with Euonymus fortunei

General Information

Euonymus as a climbing plant

Large Wintercreeper

Large Wintercreeper

As a graffiti protection

Dark Wintercreeper

Dark Wintercreeper

Dense and robust like English Ivy

Light green Wintercreeper

Light Wintercreeper

Especially light leaf colour

Yellow Wintercreeper "Emerald Gold"

Yellow Wintercreeper

Conspicuous colour