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Flowering Winter Jasmine at the beginning of March

Needs / Price

Position in full sun or semi-shade (less flowers in shade). For rich and deep soils, no heavy loam soils.

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Characteristics and pruning

Jasminum nudiflorum or winter jasmine is a rambler, grows with long hanging shoots. Winter jasmine are moderately vigorous and grow up to 3 m in height. They can be grown as shrubs or as climbers. The leaves are filigree, winter jasmine is suitable for detailed greening and accentuation of facades. They often appear inconspicuous during the summer. Dense, green mats with overhanging vegetation. Leaves from April to October. The flowers can appear before Christmas in milder winters, otherwise in February or March. The bright stars are very decorative against a dark background. The fruits (inconspicuous black berries) usually do not develop. Pruning can promote branching in winter jasmine.

Growing aids on facades

Winter jasmine will grow as shrubs with no supporting trellis, but they can be trained and formed with a wire trellis or a wod trellis. Choose a Simple, Medium or Light trellis kit.

Suitable wire rope trellises?

Click on the picture to jump to the table of all suitable trellis designs.

Jasminum nudiflorum in Winter
Winter jasmine in front of a house
Winter jasmine growing on a trellis
Small wall greenery with winter jasmine - picture taken in winter
Flowering winter jasmine
Jasminum nudiflorum in summer

Winter jasmine in summer

From spring to autumn there are leaves but no flowers.

Winter jasmine leaves
Jasminum nudiflorum leaves
Winter jasmine on a balcony post
Winter jasmine on a wall
Winter jasmine growing on a trellis
Fence with haning winter jasmine
Wall trellis with winter jasmine
Mini wall trellis with Jasminum nudiflorum

Winter jasmine in winter

Winter jasmine has only flowers in winter, no leaves

Flowers of the winter jasmin
Jasminum nudiflorum with flowers
Winter jasmine in winter
Winter flowers on a wall
Climbing shrub - flower and balustrade colours match!
Small flower trellis
Jasminum nudiflorum can lighten up the winterly tristesse!
Wall greening with Jasminum nudiflorum
Green leaves in winter
Small trellis with jasminum

Suitable wire rope trellises for winter jasmine

Click on the pictures for more information on each trellis

 = suitable              = sometimes suitable      = not suitable