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Winter Jasmine

Jasminum nudiflorum

The Winter-flowering Jasmine delights with its winter flowers, which make lovely cut flowers. This plant is particularly suitable for cascading over walls.

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Flowering Winter Jasmine at the beginning of March

Requirements / Price

Sunny (full sun) to semi-shaded position, will flower less in full shade. Nutrient rich, deep soils; heavy (clay-) soils are unsuitable, as plants become frost tender.

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Characteristics and Pruning

Scrambler, grows with long and at times cascading rods. Moderate to vigorous growth habit, filigree leaves, suitable for detail and accent planting, during summer has often a rather inconspicuous appearance. Forms dense, green mats when cascading. Foliage from April to October.


Flower and Fruit

What is truly remarkable about these flowers is the time of their appearance, namely before Christmas in mild winters, otherwise in February or March. The bright stars are very decorative especially against a dark background. Branches are cut when in bud, which will open in the warm indoor temperatures within a few days and look very much like forsythia. The fruit appear as inconspicuous, black berries.



Pruning can encourage branching.

Climbing Plant Support System

Wires for attaching and guidance are beneficial, plant is also easily attached to an espalier or trellis system. Without assistance will lean against walls. For suitable support systems refer below. Light to Medium Support Systems are sufficient.