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Wild Grapes

There are over 100 wild grapes that are known under a number of names such as Frost or River Grape and Spanish Grape (the term "wild grape" will be used, too, covering all species). The variety presented here has extremely healthy yet "genuine" vine leaves. They are easy to care for and are particularly suited for decorative purposes; they create a "wine-atmosphere" without much maintenance. They won't develop fruits / grapes, so problems with usual grape vines, such es wasps, birds, mildew etc. are avoided!

Vitis riparia, Vitis berlandieri (Frost Grape, River Grape, Spanish Grape)

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Fruitless wild grapes

Requirements / Price

Sunny (full sun) to (semi-)shaded position, will develop more intense yellow autumn colours in the sun. Distance between plants: 2,5 - 5 mètres. Available all year in pots, and in April / May as rootstock.

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Characteristics and Pruning

A climber with tendrils (no adhesive pads as with some other creepers), vigorous growth, yearly growth up to 2 - 4 metres, may also cascade like a bridal train. Foliage from May to October. Inconspicuous green-yellow flowers in early summer, insignificant or no fruit at all. Advantage: problems which can occur in ripening and ripe (wine-) grapes are avoided. Summer and winter pruning as needed, to restrain the vigorous growth habit and to prevent the plants from becoming straggly. Best trained as cordons with spur pruning as for the wine grape.

Climbing Plant Support System

Rods, trellises, pergolas, arbours. Wires or (wire) ropes especially to attach the old sturdy stems. Stem formation and training similar to illustrations for the wine grape. For suitable systems see below. Choose among the Easy or Medium wire rope systems.

Appropriate wire rope systems?

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Wild grapevine on a wooden trellis, Giebichenstein Castle in Halle / Saxony-Anhalt
Facade greening with wild grapevine, in Goethte's garden, Weimar / Thüringen
Wild grapevine provide a cheerful atmosphere on terraces or pub gardens!
Wild grape on a climbing wire rope between two drainpipes

Greening Facades with wild, grapeless Grapevines

Here we show some examples of green facades with wild grapes

Vigorous growing wild vine on a wire rope system 3050 from FassadenGrün
Grapeless grapevine on a half-timbered house, wire trellis system analogous to system 3020
Small wild grapevine for greening a facade
House entrance with climbing plants
Two grapeless grapevines on a wire rope system analogous to system 9020 of FassadenGrün
Wild grapevine without grapes on wire ropes in an alley
Green wall in Sanssouci / Potsdam / Brandenburg
Lush climbing plant on a gable of a house
Seat of grape vine louse? Not with the vine pest resistant variety from FassadenGrün!

Greening Objects with wild Grapevines

With wild grapevines balconies, pergolas, and fences can be greened as shown on the following pictures. They also very suitable for building up privacy shields.

Three wild grapevines from FassadenGrün as privacy shield, only 1 year after planting!
Terrace in autumn, greened with Vitis riparia (hybrid)
Green pergola and wall, Vitis riparia
American wild grapevine
Vitis riparia on a trellis grid, Tiefurt castle near Weimar / Thüringen
Greening a pergola, Sanssouci / Potsdam / Brandenburg
Lush pergola greening in Sanssouci / Potsdam / Brandenburg
Pergola with wild grapevine leaves
Small pergola with ancient wild, grapeless grapevine
Green porch, wild grapevine without grapes
Fence greening with Vitis oderatissima
Vitis odoratissima on a fence
Free standing trellis object
With wild grapevines even trees can be greened (here a hawthorn)

Appropriate Wire rope Systems for wild Grapevines

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 = suitable             = of limited suitability             = unsuitable