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Why Green Facades?

We are often asked this and, put most simply: greening 'up' just makes sense! Here we'll present you with our favorite eight arguments for green facades. Consider the sensory-aesthetic aspects as well as the ecological aspects: how can a house be enhanced with greenery, with flowers and fruit, without it over-growing and creating some type of damage? You will find examples here. In the following section of Ideas, you can learn about facade greening and trellising throughout different periods and stylistic eras.

  • Fassadenbegrünung um 1920 - Wehlen / Sachsen

  • Begrünung in Königsbrück / Sachsen ca. 1890

  • Wilder Wein als Fassadengrün, Friedhof in Dresden / Sachsen


Green facades are simply beautiful!

Green facades in an alley in Altenburg / Thüringen


Green facades attract!

Grape yield on a trellis wall

Grapes, Pears, and Co.

Facade greening brings rewards!

Facade greening with roses

Blossoms and Blooms

Walls of colour

Greenery on a concrete building

Climate Protection

Greening reduces CO2 output!


Wall Biotope

A sanctuary for animals

Greening with ivy

Heat Conservation

Greening - a natural insulation

Climbing plants as privacy screens

Privacy Protection

A precaution against unwanted eyes

Removal of graffiti


Preventing vandalism

Green facade with espalier apple

Dry Walls?

Plants absorb your walls' moisture!