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Profile Boarding

The group of profile formwork is the third of 9 different, thin-walled substrates, which are considered at FassadenGrün under 'Special Facades'. Here, on this page such sidings are illuminated, and based on photo examples, shown here are the eight mounting variants listed in the 'special facades' offer. The site is meant to help find suitable growth technology for your facade cladding. Important: With some creepers structural damage may occur if these grow into columns of facade wood cladding.


Lap siding boards with a profile ('tongue and groove') can be installed in the composite and are then more stable than other façade formwork. They act statically as a 'panel' and can absorb higher loads, since the loads generated in a board spread through the composite with the surrounding boards. Usually they are horizontal profile boards, more rarely vertical. Boards and logs are also included in this list, and from about 60 mm cross section, the substructure is considered solid wood or timbers. We recommend the drill cartridge UB 77777 for the following adhering of mounts or anchors.

Variants for the Attachment of Growth Aids

All variants are possible here, except version 07, the optimal variant 05 (fastening in outer shell AND the wood lying behind) is to be preferred. In other variants, the points of the cable brackets should be as close as possible to the substructure, since the boards of the facade cladding are respectively prone to deformation in the middle between two underlying mounting strips. Furthermore, the screed / substructure connecting points must be reinforced by additional screws or nails. Please also pay attention to the information on the respective anchors.

Historic profile-cladding with vine
Profile-cladding in tongue-groove style
Wood paneling can be vertical as shown here in the lower area with vine - also.
Wooden paneling with grapevine
Variant 02
profile- or base-cladding?
Variant 05
green wooden wall
Variant 02
Fastening in cavity
Variant 02
Wooden profile cladding with wire rope fastening
Variant 05
Climbing system on a wooden house
Variant 03
Profile cladding with greenery
Variant 03, detail to the photo above.
wooden cladding with wire trellis system
Variante 06, Growth aid to 'double' formwork with insulation behind it and end panel ('sandwich'), rope system with wall mounts WH 10181.
greened wooden formwork