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Beauty - Facade Greening is Beautiful!

Beauty may be the first and the most significant argument for green façades...for buildings both old and modern, residential and commercial, as well as for warehouses, parking garages, and so forth. Wall greening can greatly beautify public and private spaces. The Ideas section and this page are meant to help you right from the start! 

House greened with grapevine

Wall Greening versus Architecture

Speaking of beauty is never easy, because "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Naturally, what pleases one may not please another. Wall greening can be mild and structured or wild and unkempt, but to a certain degree, maintenance and care are always essential. Otherwise, damage occurs and then needs to be reckoned with. Wall greening and architecture can work together! Sometimes it's the small things that make a difference, or just cosmetic corrections that beautify a facade-- for example, a little clematis trellis. But, large wall surfaces in backyards can benefit just as much. Unsightly spaces can be covered and concealed. Contrasts can be intensified or softened. And some of the monotone industrial architecture only needs some greening to appear less dense or lifeless.

Silver lace vine, wisteria, akebia, and other vegetation
Wall greening at a shopping mall in Konstanz / Baden-Wuerttemberg

Examples of beautiful facade greenings

Here you can see how a climbing plant can compliment architecture in various ways. Please click on the photos to enlarge.

The wall of a multi-storied residential building, greened with Dutchman's Pipe
A façade with wisteria plants
Wall greening with different climbing plants
Climbing roses (probably "Laguna") on a house
A modern house with wisteria on a T-formed wire rope system
Wisteria on a multi-axle lattice on a housing complex, Berlin
Facade greening with Virginia Creeper
"Façade Garden" with roses
Wall greening with grapevine (fruitless wild grape) on an outbuilding
Wall greening with ivy-- paradise in a Berlin courtyard
A green wall of ivy