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Our Vision

Here you can have a look into the future with us! At present, our company is just online trading, with no public traffic and still in the tightest of spaces. However, we are growing and want to receive more customers in the future, not just representatives, suppliers and a few "collectors". At the same time, the workforce needs office space and our warehouse more space. We are thinking of a yard with green walls, of a workshop with a sales room, a café, two guest apartments ... We have finally found a property - what we want there, see below.

Our future location: Leipzig Baalsdorf, Brandiser Str. 69

Choosing A Location

For our plans, we looked for a factory, a manor house, a three- or four-sided farm, so an ensemble with the "certain something". In 2014 we found what we were looking for: A listed property in the east of Leipzig, almost 5,000 square meters, sunny and quiet, yet close to the motorway and in a nice environment with friendly neighbours. We will revitalize this farm in the next 5 to 10 years, with the help of the GLS Community Bank.

Office, Warehouse and Packaging

We primarily want to accommodate these functions. For the receipt of goods, the arrival of 12-ton trucks must be possible, a holding bay or turning possibility are needed. For employees and visitors in turn later parking spaces are needed. In the warehouse we need ground-level areas, offices are then in the upper floors.

Greened Show Walls

A show garden with green walls is also planned, we want to include existing buildings: On various building materials from stone to wood to insulation, we want to show climbing plants in conjunction with climbing aids ,to touch, so to speak. Wire rope systems, wooden trellis and metal grids are being considered.


Starting with an "open workshop" we are planning a seasonally open shop, where we advise you on site. On a dowel wall, you can then mount different holders on a trial basis! We expect visitors from Central Germany all the way to the neighbouring European countries. Even day seminars would be possible ...

Plant Sale

The sale of plants has rested many years and has been reactivated. Our range includes grapevines especially and solitary climbing plants. We cooperate with a nursery in Saxony. Some specialities we grow ourselves.

Trellis Timber and Metal Lattices

Also the closed down area "Trellis Timber" (Robinia-laths for wooden trellises) shall be reawakened. On site you can arrange your own trellis or have it sent to you.


Climbing plants and wire rope systems are often about the face of a building or house. Making the right choice here can take a bit longer. To sweeten our customers time, we were thinking of a small café. On the other hand, warm food is already available at the villages Inn.

Guest Flat

Perspectively, we, the owner-family, want to live on the property ourselves, and for our children and families, we are already thinking of a "grandchild paradise". To accommodate visitors, we are planning 1-2 guest apartments. Maybe you also feel like visiting FacadeGreen one day and exploring Leipzig? A vibrant city, the ZOO with "Gondwanaland", an alluvial forest with kingfishers and seascape waiting to be discovered!

The Realization

On our Blog, under the category "Company", you can read about the progress we are making.