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Velcro KB 25025

Klettband (Baumbinder)

Product sheet

Description / Price

High tear-proof Velcro plastic fabric, similar, 25 mm wide and 2.5 meters long, black, common central support, two-sided coated with 'Gripper' area and 'Velour' fibers of plastic. High-strength Velcro and un-stretchable. Usage about 100 times separated and re-closable. With European climate about 5 years weather resistant and UV-stable, experience has shown that the Velcro ties are often longer usable. A professional product from the professional green nursery area. >>> Price



For durable and extremely heavy bonds of branches and trunks of stronger climbers on cable and trellis slats or bars. Due to the wide bonding surface of the binder, it does not cut into the wood. Especially for heavy root spindles of vines and other Creepers, pinning on concrete pillars (photo), balcony supports, etc.. Of course to integrate fruit trees on wood posts, etc.. Please use the General Information, if necessary, at the connective binding material section.



As seen in the photos. For a long life, the two ends should overlap at least about 40 - 70 mm, so that even on a readjustment, enough Velcro length is available.



According to the respective thickness and growth of the trunks, the Velcro band should be checked 2 times per year and be loosened if necessary. The wear takes place, above all, in the surfaces not covered by overlapping velcro layers which are exposed defenselessly to the ultraviolet rays. After the end of the guaranteed UV stability,  the further use is according to the situation on the ground. Alternatively, bands may also be used then.



Import goods

Klettbinder - zweiseitig
View of both sides
Climbing Rose shoots up on a cast-iron column
Klettbinder für Blauregen
fixed Wisteria solitaire on a concrete column under a terrace with growth binder
Baumbinder Klettband
Using a tree binder: fixing a high-stem apple tree at stake