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Climbing Line -- Elastic Bungee Cord (RL 06000)

Climbing Line -- Elastic Bungee Cord

Product Sheet


Highly flexible synthetic cord (bungee-like), stretch-ability from ca. 150%, 6 mm diameter, very sturdy, white and weather-proof coated. 



For climbing systems that tolerate only very low tensile loads; for example-- direct mounting in thermal insulation with insulating dowel DD 00085 and eye screw WH 06061 (Fig. 02/03). Only for light and rather slow-growing plants, such as: climbing spindle, clematis, winter jasmine, etc., especially for annuals. The rope is already responding to low transverse loads with stretching and deflection; thereby, tensile stresses and the bending load of the wall mount/bracket are greatly reduced.



 The cord is cut on site and attached to the wall brackets. The cutting is done with a normal, powerful pair of scissors. Then the cut is sealed by using a lighter to heat the fibers of the surface layer until they curl and melt (Fig. 05). The inner stretch insert does not melt. At this stage, the end of the rope is then slightly rolled between the thumb and index finger, and the melted edge layer is compressed in a ring-form. Usually this can be done without gloves.

The cords can then be attached to the eyelets in two ways, depending on the aesthetic taste or requirement:

1: Attachment by means of loop formation (Fig. 02)

For this purpose, thimbles KA 06049 and 6mm stainless steel staples KR 00006 are necessary. The connection is comparable to the simple kits, but with much lower preload forces of ma. 0.5 - 1 kg (10 N). After installation, the cable attachment is basically not detachable.


2: Attachment by means of rope hooks (Fig. 04)

It is again similar to the simple kits, but instead of cable clamps, rope hooks and 4mm stainless steel staples KR 00004 are used here. Assembly is carried out as described for these components, also with a low preload force of approx. 0.5 - 1 kg (10 N). Thus, the climbing cords can be easily replaced and renewed after several years if necessary, and the rope hooks can be reused. 



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