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Trumpet Vine / Trumpet Creeper

Trumpet vines are popular for their exotic flowers and vigorous growth habit. Species:

Campsis radicans – American Trumpet Vine or Trumpet Creeper

Campsis tagliabuana - Chinese Trumpet Flower or Trumpet Creeper

Campsis grandiflora – Trumpet Creeper

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Trumpet Vine for Greenery

General Information

Species and their use

Trumpet Vine "Flamenco"



Trumpet Vine "Stromboli"



Campsis "Madame Galen"

"Madame Galen"

Self-climber, large flowered

Chinese Trumpet Vine


For trellises, without adhesive rootlets

Trumpet Vine "Indian Summer"

"Indian Summer"®


Campsis radicans "Judy"



Trumpet Vine "Flava"



Climbing Plant Support System

C. radicans often need growth supports to prevent them from collapsing, C. tagliabuana requires extensive support systems to attach the plant for shaping. For suitable wire rope systems see below. Stem training similar to that of grapevines. Easy and Medium, but better Heavy or Massive systems.

Charateristics and Pruning

Campsis tagliabuana 'Mme Galen' has a wide distribution and is a hybrid between two species. Hybridisation results differ remarkably in climbing behaviour and winter hardiness. Two parents: Campsis radicans, a frost resistant self-clinging climber with adhesive stem roots, from North America, and Campsis grandiflora, a less frost resistant shrub from Asia. Feathery leaves from May to October, yellow autumn colouring.


Flower and Fruit

Red and, more rarely, orange and yellow flowers in umbels from July until September. Often takes several years to start flowering. Long, bean-like seed capsules.



No summer pruning, because the flowers appear at the end of the young shoots! 'Winter' pruning towards March, whereby all (side) shoots are trimmed back to approx. 4-10cm spurs and slender wood is removed.


Prefers a warm, sunny to part-sunny position, slightly sheltered from wind.  Deep soil rich in humus and with good water provision. Shade on the root zone is beneficial.