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Trellis holder "Mini", GH 04060

Grid holders for trellises

Product sheet

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Set of 4 plastic clip holders, impact-resistant, elastic and UV-resistant. Available in white, black, dark green and dark brown. With countersunk screw 4.5/60 mm made of stainless-steel 304 and collar plug DH 08050.

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These anchors are a cost-effective solution for fixing medium-sized stainless steel trellises with 6 mm wires to a facade. The holders can also be used the smaller trellis (5 mm wires) by wrapping the wires with teflon tape to increase their thickness at the fixing points to allow the clips to hold the wire firmly in place. Light loads only. Wall distance 30 mm. For almost all wall surfaces such as concrete, natural stone, solid masonry and hollow masonry, solid wood or wall panels. Please also use the general information on how to mount steel trellises securely.



Bore a hole 8 mm wide and 6 cm deep. The screw can also be fitted with a 6 mm dowel, but the connection will be less strong. Smaller screws and dowels can be used, especially in concrete, to reduce the size of the bore hole to 5 mm. After drilling, the dowels are inserted in the hole (no dowels for solid wood, but pre-drill a 3 mm hole). Screw on the brackets and then press the trellis into the mounting clips. You can mark the drilling points easily by clipping the holders onto the trellis and use this to mark the exact bore positions.




Small trellis holder
Several colors