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Trellis Wall Mount M8 "Eco", AS 08110

Stainless steel trellis holder

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Made of stainless steel AISI 304, A2. Shaft M8 / wood thread 7 mm, 110 mm long. Two flat hex nuts and spring washers for fastening on both sides of the cross bar, flange nut, and bonded washer. Without dowel.

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 For permanently corrosion-free wall mounting of smaller wooden trellises. Low-cost alternative to AS 10180, for low to medium loads. With wall clearance (gap) of approx. 15 mm. The actual wall distance is calculated from the wall gap and the sum of the screwed cross-sections and can then be up to 60 mm at batten thicknesses of approximately 22/22 mm. For almost all surfaces such as concrete, natural stone, solid masonry and hollow masonry, also solid wood. Also in panel building materials with at least 40 mm material thickness. In the case of wide trellises, place a bolt anchor at a distance of 0.8 to 1.2 m (depending on the thickness and deflection of the wood cross-section) in the spar. Please also use the tips for optimal trellis attachment.


Recommended Tools

For custom-fit dowel holes (10 mm) hammer drill bit HB 44444. Alternatively impact drill bits, concrete drill bits, inexpensive stone drill bits or universal drill bits, selection depends on the wall type.



If necessary, please note the sequence of steps for planning and executing wood trellises! Assembly usually with plastic dowel 10 mm DH 10065. Bore 10 mm, 7 - 8 cm deep, Laymen should follow the instructions for drilling. Then insert the dowel. In solid wood without dowels, but pre-drilling approx. 6 mm, front 7 mm. For optimum sealing, the substrate should be reasonably level or prepared (sanded). Grease the shaft a bit and insert it into the hole, grasp it with an open-end wrench on the flange nut and screw it in until it cannot be turned further with moderate manual force. Subsequently, the respective trellis spar is mounted between the two spring washers and flat hex nuts. If the spar is too thick, attach without spring washers, or countersink the hole.



Own production “Made in Germany” (Saxony), bonded seal from North Rhine-Westphalia, small parts from Far East.

Small trellis wall holder for wooden trellises