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Trellis holder "Classic-L", GH 10181

Mount with high wall distance

Product sheet

Description / Price

Stainless steel 304, 180 mm shaft M10 / Wood 9, with clamping head and M10 grub screw, flat nut (lock nut), hexagon flange nut, special support disc diameter=8.9 mm and seal for the drill hole and long wall plug. The head is also available separately.

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Wall anchor for stainless steel trellises with 6 mm thick wires. For medium loads. Distance to wall 80 mm. For almost all wall types such as concrete, natural stone, solid masonry and hollow masonry, including solid wood and construction panels with a thickness of minimal 60 mm. Please also read the general tips on how to correctly secure a trellis to the wall.


Recommended tools

To drill precise 12 mm holes for the wall plug, we recommend our hammer drill HB 44444 or our concrete drill, inexpensive masonry drill or universal drill - select the right drill for your wall.



Remove the grub screw and keep it in a safe place. Drill a 100 mm deep hole 12 mm wide. Read the information on precise drilling beforehand. Insert the wall plug. (Don't use a plug in solide wood and pre-drill 8-9 mm instead). For optimum sealing, the wall should be reasonably level or (sand it down if necessary). Grease the shaft slightly and insert it into the hole, grip the flange nut with a 15 mm open-ended wrench and screw it in. Then align the groove 

 after you can't turn the mount further using normal strength. Once all mounts have been installed, place the trellis in the grooves of the holders, align it and fix it with the grub screws.



When tightening the nut, the grid holder must not move in the hole and must fit tightly, otherwise the hole was drilled too large for the anchor or the wall material was too crumbly (e.g. because the mount is placed in a joint and not in a brick). In this case, unscrew the anchor, drill the hole open again and seal the mount in the wall with VM 00300 bonding mortar. Always use bonding mortar and the sieve sleeve SD 16130 in a hollow brick wall.



"Made in Germany" (Saxony), head from Saxony, disc from North Rhine-Westphalia, shaft and small parts are imported.

Mount GH 101080 with steel trellis