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Trellis for Potted-Plants, RK 11600


Product Sheet

Description / Price

116 x 40 cm stainless steel trellis with spot-welded rods. The central rods are closer together for a better design. Rod ends are bevelled; there are no protruding wires and therefore no risk of injury. Made of V2A stainless steel, galvanically treated (stained, passivated). This trellis is currently unavailable. >>> Price


Standing trellis for flower pots or plant beds. Suitable for small climbing plants such as mandevilla and thunbergia, as well as some low-flowering clematis or roses.



Made in Germany (Saxony). We build this trellis from the related trellis RG 12002.

Training aid for potted plants
Stainless-steel trellis for potted plants
Potted mandevilla with trellis