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Hanging / Trailing Plants

Many climbing plants with a rather weak stem framework tend to develop a pendulous habit, hence they can be used as trailing or hanging plants. By clicking on a specific plant species you can see whether they have this particular quality or not. This pendulous growth habit is very attractive, because no growth supports are required, hence large walls can be greened at relatively low cost. Retaining walls are a good example, whereby the plants grow downwards over the wall from a garden bed or planting strip near the top of the wall. Following are some illustrations of such hanging plants.

Efeu als Hängepflanze
Hängepflanzen: hier Efeu
Efeu - Altersform "Arborescens"
Hängende Pflanzen: hier Efeu - Altersform "Arborescens"
Silver Lace / Fleece vine
Knöterich als Hängepflanze
Winterjasmin als Hängepflanze
Winterjasmin als Hängepflanze
English Ivy
Efeu an einer Mauer
Cotoneaster Skogholm Bearberry
Greening a support wall
Thicket creeper
Wilder Rankwein mit hängendem Wuchs