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Heavy duty toggle fixing M10, KD 10080

Kippdübel bzw. Klappdübel

Product sheet

Description / Price

Toggle fixing ('toggles') made of steel, galvanized, approved as a heavy-duty anchor. Required cavity depth: at least 80 mm. Thread M10. Suitable for all common plate and layer thicknesses. We provide with galvanized threaded shaft, M10, and washer / nut / gasket.  >>> Price



For special fasteners, also for the anchorage behind trapezoidal metal sheets. Please, if necessary, use the general info for rawl anchor technology.



shown in the photographs, a special fitting m 10 is threaded rods with backing in insulation. Before ordering the folding anchor the centerline of the inner main pillars should be known (approx. 0.7 to 1.0 meters). An ideal attachment takes place in areas about 10-25 cm away from the axis of the vertical supports. In the middle between two supports, wall plates are, however, prone to bow to resulting bending loads. All points for toggle bolts are to plan accordingly close to the supports from the outside and drawn. 



"Made in Germany" (Baden-Württemberg)

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