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Grape Varieties for Table Grapes

This section describes the grape varieties recommended by FassadenGrün, all of which are fungus-tolerant (please note: until further notice, we no longer sell grapevines). It may assist you in putting together your own custom designed vineyard and Trellis Systems!

The images of the grapes were taken predominantly in the grapevine research station Radebeul near Dresden, but always in an open-air environment in Saxony. A 10-cent piece (20mm diameter) has been inserted into each grape bunch for size comparison.

Table grape varieties from the garden

General Information

Selection tips

Table grape "Birstaler Muskat"

"Birstaler Muskat"

Favourite, universally usable

Table grape "Muskat bleu"

"Muskat bleu"

Suitable for façades

Grapevine "Regent"


For beginners and pot cultivation

Table grape "Palatina"


Model grape

Table grape "Königliche Esther"

"Königliche Esther"

Ripen early, crisp

Table grape "Theresa"


For warm locations

Grapevine "Phoenix"


Particularly thin skin

Soviet russian grape "Mitschurinski"


For very cold regions