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Table grape "Muskat bleu"

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Table grape "Muscat bleu" on a wall, 10 cent piece for size reference

Availability / Price

Bare rooted from March - Mai, reservation is advised because of limited quantity. Available all year in plant pot 3.0 l.

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"Blue Muscat" is a Swiss variety bred from "Garnier 15/6" x "Seyve-Villard 20-347" and is currently one of the most popular table grape varieties for residential gardens, walls etc due to their very attractive fruit. It is a grapevine for sunny southeast to west walls and is highly resistant against powdery and downy mildew. It is also suitable as free-standing plant and to cover pergolas in a sunny though somewhat sheltered position, because it flowers only moderately. Autumn foliage is not red but yellow!


From 2nd or 3rd year, large, 15 to 20cm long, loosely branched


Turning blue from midsummer, ellipsoidal, approx. 1.5 to 2cm, sweet with  muscat aroma, which eventually disappears if berries are left on the vine for an extended period of time after maturation. Few pips, approx. 1-2 pips per berry. The thick skin provides a slight protection against wasps and usually does not affect eating.

Ripeness for consumption

Early, occasionally already from end of August


The registration of the "Blue Muscat" variety has not been completely clarified. In Switzerland, the variety is occasionally used for pressing.

Table grape "Muskat bleu", 10-cent-coin for size-comparison