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Supporting body for facade insulation (standard solution)

Spacer block ('support body' - red) in the field of facade insulation

This page belongs to the 'insulation' section and is a standard solution for attaching greening systems. Insulation materials usually have low pressure resistance, a supporting wall holders putting pressure on the external plaster is therefore not possible. Instead, this standard solution in wall insulation is to build a distancing system in to 12 (14) cm thickness, which then absorbs flexural and compressive forces. The support body can be made of metal pipe, foam-plastic tube or solid plastic. FassadenGrün uses a special, non-rotting hardwood. A steel plate covers the outer side and seals the drilled holes off.

Endurance and Price

Only this solution can at FassadenGrün the parameters of a 'heavy' construction '- ie high load capacity, etc. - be approached in facade insulation, but also for insulation thicknesses up to 8 cm. With insulating strengths up to 12 or 14 cms, the fixtures are conditionally suitable - see at the bottom. Strong climbing plants like Wisteria, Knotweed and tree Shrikes are partly usable - see below. An other restriction lies with the wall distance: It can be realized with 4 mms of rope only 6 - 7 cms. A raised distance to 9 cms is possible with insulating strengths to 8 cms and by use of 3 mms of rope, then, however, only with middle loading capacity. The price is based on an adequate 'Heavy Kit', circa 15 euro , but calculate also for each individual wall mount, mainly due to the price differences of the cross holders.

Suitable wall bracket

For Trellises from cable, WM 12XX8 is used. By increasing the wall distance in 9 cm -3 mm cable, best use with relief spring between all holders. For wood trellises anchor AS 12XX8 is used.

Assembly and maintenance

Installation is carried out retrospectively with still present scaffolding when the insulation of facades of final plaster is completely finished and scaffolding removal is effected. The professional installation may be performed by DIY enthusiasts; for details see assembly. Alternatively, a mounting is possible in advance. The plants are cut so that not too dense a foliage rolls occur and that no branches grow back to the wall and possibly scratch the plaster. If necessary, strong climbers used need special care and are sure to run parallel to the cable as described for Wisteria.

Climbing Roses on facade insulation, WM 12XX8
Climbing roses on EWIS
Vines on insulated facade, mount WM 12XX8
Thermal insulated wall with grapevine (vitis)
Trumpet flowers on a modified rope system 2040 Cross holder WM 12XX8 on facade insulation
Insulated wall, campsis
Scarlet Vine on a modified rope system 1030 Cross holder WM 12XX8 on dam facade
facade insulation with greenery
Annual morning glories on wire ropes, Cross holder WM 12XX8
Greening on ETICS